Roof Repair in Gainesville, FL

Roof Maintenance Program

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Protect Your Investment With Our Residential Roofing Maintenance Program

Congratulations! You’ve got a new roof from McFall Residential Roofing. Now you’ll want to think about how you can extend the life of your new investment. Roofing maintenance from McFall Roofing can help! With our roof maintenance programs, you can ensure one of our roofing contractors will inspect and maintain your roof to ensure it lasts for years to come with minimal issues.

Did you know that debris can collect in gutters, skylights, and chimneys, which can damage your roof and cause leaks? Small issues can rapidly grow into costly problems if not caught and corrected quickly. A proper roof inspection can help identify risks early, giving homeowners the opportunity to fix small problems before they grow out of control. We also offer professional debris removal to ensure that your roof is the least of your worries.

To sign up for our roof maintenance program or to learn more, contact the roofing experts at McFall Residential Roofing. Contact us online or give us a call. 352.377.5512

Maintenance Program Benefits

  • All inspections are carried out by our licensed and insured roofing contractors
  • Seasonal inspections save you time and worry
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your roof is prepared for hurricane season
  • We’ll identify loose shingles, nails, and debris requiring attention
  • You’ll get early warning of any issues around skylights, pipes, and vents
  • Receive notification of soft spots or unusual wear on individual shingles
  • We’ll notify you of recommended inspection times throughout the year
  • You’ll get our detailed inspection notes and recommendations via email
  • Saves you the time and hassle of removing seasonal debris yourself
  • Relax knowing that qualified roofers are overseeing maintenance
  • We take care to cover your landscaping and AC unit for protection
  • We remove and bag all debris and take it straight out to the curb
  • Debris removal can extend the life of your roof and helps maintain your warranty

This program is one of the many reasons why residents in Gainesville, Florida prefer The McFall Difference. We want to help you get the most out of your new roof. Homeowners do not need to be at home during the roof inspection and debris removal. This program is meant to make your life easier while protecting and extending the life of your new roof. Contact us today to learn more about this exclusive program.