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The Benefits of a Roof Replacement vs. a Roof Repair

Benefits of a Roof Replacement

Incurring roof damage is frustrating, but determining the best next step after incurring roof damage can be a challenge of its own. As a homeowner, you may feel the tension between wanting to make the best, long-term decision for your family and waterproofing your home quickly — especially in Gainesville, FL. Frequent rainfall can pressure homeowners to act quickly, not taking into account all the benefits of a roof replacement. 

We laid out the pros and cons of getting a roof replacement, as opposed to a roof repair, to help you decide what’s best for your family in a timely manner.

When Should I Get a Roof Repair?

Whether or not you get a roof repair is largely dependent on the material of your roof and the size of the damage. Damaged, torn, or missing asphalt shingles, for example, often only require a simple repair. Other roofing materials, such as metal panels, may be more costly to replace. If you only need to fix a small section of your roof, a repair may suffice. 

It’s also important to consider the age of your roof. Most asphalt shingle roofs only last about 10 to 15 years — if your roof is newer, it might make sense to repair the damaged sections for now and consider full replacement down the line.

Pros of a Roof Repair

  • Solution for Common Issues: A quality roof repair can effectively fix common issues such as missing shingles, water leaks, and discoloration.
  • Quick Fix: Roof repairs often take less time to complete than roof replacements. If you have a newer roof with a small damaged area and are looking for a quick way to replace a few shingles, a roof repair may be best for you.
  • Save Money in the Short Run: As of 2022, the national average for roof repairs was $950. This number is expected to increase with inflation, however, this is considerably lower than a full roof replacement, as less of the roof is worked on.

Cons of a Roof Repair

  • Does Not Replace the Need for a New Roof: Repairing your roof helps maintain your roof’s current quality, but does not improve it beyond its original condition. When your roof ages, you will still need to replace it no matter what repairs have been made.
  • Mismatched Shingles: Finding shingles that match your original roof is difficult, especially if you are working with an older roof. This mismatch can decrease your curb appeal.

When Should I Get a Roof Replacement?

Similarly, examining the type of roofing material your roof is composed of and the size of the damaged section are great first steps in determining whether or not you need a roof replacement. Additionally, if the type of damage is a sign of aging not tied to a specific weather event, it may be best to replace your roof. For example, if you or an inspector find unusual wear on ridge cap shingles, it’s time to get a roof replacement. This is when the shingles on a steep ridge crack before the balance of the roof.

Pros of a Roof Replacement

  • Hurricane Protection: Florida is the most hurricane prone state. It’s important to ensure your roof is durable before, during, and after these strong storms to protect your home. McFall uses shingles that have a 130 mph wind warranty to better protect your home during storm season.
  • Save Resources in the Long Run: Getting a roof replacement resets the clock on your roof’s life expectancy. Save yourself the money and time spent repeatedly reaching out to a roofing specialist for small repairs and consider a full roof replacement on older roofs.
    • Curb Appeal: Roof repairs aim to match your current level of curb appeal. Replacing your roof will improve it! Increase the resale value of your home with a sleek new roofing material and uniformly colored shingles.
  • Energy Efficient: Is your current roof increasing or decreasing your energy bills? Contact a green home building contractor to find out. Replacing your roof with highly-reflective metal roofing panels or lightly-colored asphalt shingles can lower your monthly energy bills. Additionally, adding environmentally friendly ridge vents during a replacement can extend the life of your roof.

Call McFall for a High Quality Roof Replacement

McFall Roofing was built out of a need for quality roofing in Gainesville, Florida. We have over 20 years of experience serving North Central Florida as the premier roofing contractor. We put emphasis on great quality and attention to detail, offering 10-year warranties on labor. If your roof is in need of a quality replacement, call McFall to discuss your options.