Photo of an asphalt roofing option built by McFall Residential Roofing of Gainesville.

Common Roofing Mistakes

Unfortunately mistakes can occur when someone installs your roof, but they don’t have to. A competent roofer pays attention to details. This assures that the homeowner receives a high quality-roofing job and a roof that will last the full-intended lifespan. You can always count on McFall Residential Roofers to identify and correct common roofing mistakes.

Signs of a Mistake

It is important to identify roofing mistakes early on. Roofing mistakes can lead to water damage and weaken the structural integrity of your home. Early detection can prevent further damage to your home and save you thousands of dollars. Here are some of the elements of a roof that are important to check:

Parts of a Roof

Make sure that you have your roof inspected by professionals and ensure that your home isn’t at risk.

An Overheated Damp Attic

The attic should be well ventilated. Excessive heat and moisture in the attic can be detrimental to the house and the roof. The house may need ventilators in the gables. A ventilated ridge-cap is an excellent method of increasing attic ventilation.

Failure to Properly Clean Roof Before Installing Underlayment

A quality roofing job requires that the roof be very clean before the underlayment is installed. Debris underneath the underlayment is apt to keep the shingles from lying flat. The underlayment could also be punctured by the debris and ruin the watertight seal. Be sure your roofer does not neglect this job.

Improper Flashing Installation

Metal flashing needs to be installed around the chimney and in the valleys. Chimney flashing prevents leaks around the chimney. Metal flashing in the valleys prevents erosion of the shingles by the large amounts of running water in the valleys. The metal flashing must be of sufficient length to accomplish this purpose.

Having Exposed Plywood

The edges of the plywood sheeting must not be exposed to the weather. It should be protected by drip edge molding and proper overhang of the shingles.

Exposed Nail Heads

Pay attention during the shingle nailing process. Exposed nail heads indicate improper alignment of the shingles or misplacement of the nails. The nails should be completely covered and kept dry by the next row of shingles. Using nails that are too short is a simple mistake that could be disastrous, especially if the sheeting boards are a soft wood.

Improper Placement or Number of Nails

A reliable roofing contractor will always use the amount of nails recommended for the wind conditions that are expected for that section of the country. More nails may be needed on steeper roofs.

Different Shades of Color

Imagine looking at your new roof and realizing that the shingles have different shades of color. The roofer possibly purchased the shingles at different dealers. Different batches of the same color can be a slightly different shade. Some homeowners would consider this a disaster. This happens a lot when you do not get your shingle from the same place or the same dye lot.

Installing New Shingles Over Old Shingles

Trying to save money by installing a layer of new shingles without removing the old shingles is inadvisable. This may also be more weight than the framing can safely support. When you do this you also risk the chance of possibly covering rotting wood further compromising the integrity of your roof.

Concerned About Your Roof?

Please contact McFall Residential Roofers today if your roof has any of these or other common roofing mistakes. Hiring a roofing company that takes pride in good workmanship assures that your new roof will give you many years of trouble-free service.