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Do I Need To Replace My Roof Before I Sell My House?

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Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. It serves to protect you and your family. It’s also one of the first things people notice when they see your house. When deciding to sell your house, the condition of your roof will be one of the biggest considerations for buyers during the sales process.

Whether or not you need to replace your roof before selling depends on a number of different factors.

First Step: Get a Roof Inspection

Before you decide to replace your roof, the first thing you should do is get a roof inspection. A roof inspection from McFall Residential Roofing will help you determine if a new roof is exactly what you need. An inspection from a licensed and insured roofing contractor will provide insight on the health of your roof. You may only need a repair, but there could underlying issues that could negatively affect the sale of your home. It’s better to have a professional opinion before making your decision.

Not only will a roof inspection help you decide whether or not replacement is your best option, it eliminates any surprises. Buyers will have to have an inspection on your house before any final purchase is made. You don’t want to be caught off guard by the inspection results! It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to knowing the status of your roof.

Consider the Factors

Once you’ve done a roofing inspection, you should consider other factors regarding your situation to help determine the best plan.

How Quickly You Need to Sell

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If you need to sell your home quickly, a new roof can make your home more desirable and therefore sell more quickly. Buyers will see a new roof as one less thing they have to worry about after purchasing a home.

A new roof also improves curb appeal while decreasing fears of future leaks or other roofing disasters caused by the unpredictable Florida weather during the sales process

How Willing You Are To Get Less than Asking

Installing a new roof is an investment and if you aren’t willing to make it before listing your home, your future buyer will need to make it soon after. This will cause them to offer lower than your asking price due to anticipating the cost. If you are set on a price, it might be wise to install a new roof instead of taking a lower offer in the future.

How Competitive Your Market Is

If your area is seeing a huge increase in homes for sale, then a new roof will make your home stand out from the crowded market. A new roof is another bonus a potential buyer would make note of when looking for a home.

How Old Your Roof Is

If your roof is at the end of its useful life (15-20 years for a roof with shingles), then it’s time to replace your roof. You don’t know how long your home will be on the market and it’s smart to ensure that your home is protected until it’s sold. If your roof is past its lifetime, then potential buyers will have increased fear of leaks and problems with your home.

Repair Might Be the Answer

Replacing your roof is not the only solution when deciding to sell your home. Repairing your roof could be right for you. In Gainesville, FL, we are no strangers to the wear and tear your roof experiences from wind, rain, hurricanes, or sunlight damage.

If there are missing shingles or visible damage on one part of your roof, then you might just need to repair a section of your roof. A roof inspection will determine if a minor repair is all that is needed to improve your roof’s function and appearance.

Roof Installation and Repair with McFall Residential Roofing

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Whether you need to replace or repair your roof before it hits the market, McFall Residential Roofing is here to help. Selling your home is a stressful process, but we’re here to make it easier. From inspection to installation or repairs, McFall Roofing can take care of all your roofing needs before you sell your home and help eliminate any surprises during the sales process. Contact us today to schedule a roofing inspection today!

How to Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

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Living in Florida requires homeowners to deal with many different things: hot summers, intense humidity, pop-up thunderstorms, and many months of hurricane season. Hurricanes threaten the safety of your home and your family so preparing for these storms is essential.

Hurricanes Effect on Your Roof

Your roof is the first line of protection against the effects of a hurricane. It keeps you dry and safe from rain, wind, and debris. Preparing your roof is crucial to keeping your home and your family safe during storm season.

Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season

The best time to start preparing your roof is now! The sooner you take preventive steps, the less stress you’ll have when a hurricane approaches.

Roof Inspection

The best and easiest way to prepare your roof for hurricane season is having it inspected. You can take some binoculars and inspect your roof yourself, but to really determine if your roof has damage, leave it to roofing professionals. Diagnosing problems and fixing them months before will ensure that you won’t have leaks when the storm actually hits. Having your roof professionally inspected with save you money and fix problems before they become bigger issues during a storm.

Roof Maintenance

A well-maintained roof will give your home the best defense against these storms. Roof maintenance is easier than ever with the McFall Roofing Maintenance Plan. Some benefits of this plan include:

  • All inspections are carried out by licensed and insured roofing contractors
  • Seasonal inspections to save you time and worry
  • Identify loose shingles, nails, and debris that require attention
  • Early warnings of any issues around skylights, pipes, and vents
  • Receive notification of soft spots or unusual wear on individual shingles
  • Recommend inspection times throughout the year
  • You’ll get detailed inspection notes and recommendations via email
  • Landscaping and AC unit will be covered for protection
  • Debris removal and bags of debris will be taken straight out to the curb

Clean Up Around Your Home

Keeping an eye on the trees around your home will help to decrease the chance of debris damaging your roof. Trimming limbs and discarding debris ensures that high winds can’t cause these items to become projectiles during the storm. It’s a good idea to start trimming back trees and plants well before the storm arrives. In the midst of hurricane preparation, you don’t want worry about disposing of branches and limbs.

Another important part of hurricane preparation is gutter cleaning. It’s vital that your gutters are clean and clear of debris. Blocked gutters prevent water from draining from your roof. Hurricanes bring a lot of water and if it has nowhere to go, the water will sit on your roof and cause even more damage.

Every Roof is Different

Keep in mind all roofs are different. If you have a roof made up of asphalt shingles, you should make sure to identify curled, loose, or missing shingles and get those fixed before hurricanes start arriving. Metal roofs are one of the best types of roofs due to their durability, but still require inspection before storms.

After the Hurricane

After any storm, make sure you call a roofing professional to do a thorough roofing inspection once more. There could be underlying issues that the naked eye can’t detect. If there is any damage to the home, it’s crucial to get it fixed before water damage can find its way into your home!

If you have any damage to your roof, it’s best to get it repaired as soon as possible! During a hurricane your home can experience winds up to 155 mph. Damage to your roof could be from wind, rain, debris, or all three. McFall Roofing is qualified and trained to deal with repairs ranging from missing shingles, water leaks, or even discoloration!

Roof Maintenance with McFall Residential Roofing

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The best preventative step for preparing your roof for hurricane season is having regular maintenance. Just like a regular check-up with your doctor, having a professional roofing contractor inspect, maintain, and diagnose problems with your roof will give you the best chance of having little to no damage from hurricanes. Contact McFall Residential Roofing today to schedule a roofing inspection or learn more about our Maintenance Plan!

Spring Cleaning: How to Prep Your Roof for Spring

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Spring is around the corner here in North Central Florida. As the weather turns warmer, spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind. While it’s important to ensure the inside of your home is in order, don’t forget to take care of the outside, too. Your roof is a key area of your home that may not be getting enough attention. Read below to learn a few ways to ensure your roof is as safe and strong as possible this spring.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

Clean Out Gutters

If you have trees around your home, throughout the fall and winter they will shed their leaves and those leaves will likely end up in your gutters along with other sludge that builds up overtime. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean out the built-up debris that can be a hazard to the structure of your roof.

Clogged gutters may not sound like a serious threat to your home, but they are actually one of the most common causes of leaks in your roof. It’s important to take steps towards protecting your home, and cleaning out your gutters a few times each year is a great way to do that.

Be sure to practice caution whenever you’re working with and around your roof. If you’re using a ladder, always double check that it is locked and secured before climbing up. If you would rather keep your feet on the ground, there are some great tools that allow you to clean your gutters without a ladder at all.

Trim Nearby Branches

If nearby trees have begun to cast a shadow over your house, it’s probably time to trim back some branches. A hanging branch over your home can be an accident waiting to happen. This spring, take thoughtful steps towards preserving your investment in your roof and trim back branches that threaten your home’s safety. You can either call a tree cutting professional, or you can do it yourself. Whenever you’re on a roof, though, always err on the side of caution and take the necessary safety measures.

Check Your Home for Signs of Water

Water is a major threat to the safety of your home. Leaks can lead to mold, mildew, and even structural damage. While there are other possible causes for signs of water in your home such as burst pipes, a damaged roof is a major concern if you’ve noticed dark water stains on the ceilings around your house. Another sign of concern is black spots on your walls or ceilings. These are likely an indicator of mold or mildew, meaning there is excess moisture within your home that definitely needs to be addressed.

If you’ve noticed signs of water in around your home, it may be the time to call a roofing specialist to inspect your roof for damage and leaks. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If there are damages on your roof that allow water to enter your home and you don’t have them repaired, it could lead to long-term effects like compromising the safety of your home and shortening the lifespan of your roof.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

This spring, the best way to ensure that your roof is as safe as possible is to have it inspected by a licensed professional. Regular inspections can preserve your roof’s lifetime as repairs and maintenance can be performed routinely

With a roofing inspection provided by McFall Residential Roofing, you can expect:

  • Licensed and insured contractors
  • Quality products and materials from local businesses
  • Ten-year warranty guaranteed on labor
  • Job cleanliness both pre and post-job inspection

Let McFall Residential Roofing Help You Prepare for Spring

When it comes to your home, your roof, and your safety it’s in your best interest to trust the experts that know roofing inside and out. At McFall Residential Roofing, with more than 20 years experience, we are those experts. If you have questions or concerns about the state of your roof, fill out a contact form or give us a call today!

North Central Florida : Hurricane and Storm Season Survival Guide

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Florida Hurricanes

If you’ve lived in Florida long enough, then you know that hurricanes are the mother storm in comparison to all the storms we Floridians face. Hurricane season officially begins June 1st so I hope you have your hurricane survival plan laid out already! If you’re new to Florida it’s possible you’ve never experienced the devastation that hurricanes leave in their paths. Trust us, it can be brutal, even for inland cities like Orlando, Lakeland, Ocala, or Gainesville, FL.

Did you know, in Florida, that you can get a tax break on hurricane survival supplies if you purchased any of the items below (or view full list) between May 31st and June 8th?!