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Five Ways to Increase Your Roof and Attic’s Efficiency

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Tips & Tricks to Keeping Your Florida Home Cool

Are you tired of paying high costs for your electric bills? Are you tired of Googling, “Ways to cool down my home?” Or, are you just looking to make your home more efficient? Having an energy efficient roof and attic may help solve some of these problems. Not only could you see a decrease in energy costs, but you could also expect your roof to last longer when it’s cooler and efficient. So, how do you keep your home efficient and cool? We recommend five techniques to increase your roof and attic’s efficiency.

Five Ways to Increase Your Roof and Attic’s Efficiency

We all know heat rises—which explains why top floors are always warmer and attics can be unbearable in the summer months. The best way to decrease the temperature in your home is by decreasing the temperature in your home’s attic. A cool attic is key to energy efficiency.

So, how do you keep your roof and attic cool? Below, the roofers at McFall Residential Roofing has combined five ways to increase your roof and attic’s efficiency to keep your attic (and overall home) cool. For more information about how to increase your roof’s efficiency, visit McFall Residential Roofing.

1.   Dark and Light Colored Shingles

Through Physics, we have learned that dark colors absorb light. If you have ever worn dark clothing outside in the middle of July, you know how dark colors and the sun don’t mix. Roofs work in a similar way with heat retention. With 10+ hours of sunlight year round, dark roofs take a beating.

Dark roofing compared to light colored roofing could have up to a 25-degree temperature swing during peak temperatures. This difference in heat could cause your home to be warmer during peak hours, causing your AC to run harder and longer. Investing in lighter colored shingles could help improve efficiency. For more information about other roofing options, click here.

2.   Attic Insulation 

As mentioned above, a cooler attic is key—which is why your attic should be well insulated. We recommend the following three types of attic insulation for homes in Florida:

  1. Open-cell spray foam
  2. Blown-in Cellulose
  3. Fiberglass batts

To learn more about the three best types of attic insulation above, call McFall Residential Roofing.

3.   Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to help cut energy costs. At McFall Residential Roofing, we recommend on-ridge shingle over on-ridge ventilation. This method involves venting heat from the peak of the roof. Because heat rises, the heat trapped inside your home and attic have an effective way to escape.

4.   Metal Roofing

Whether you’re building a new home, or re-roofing an existing one, installing an energy efficient roof is a great investment. Metal is great for Florida homes because it repels heat from the sun rather than absorbing it. We recommend investing in a metal roof for ultimate efficiency.

5.   Radiant Heat Barrier

A radiant heat barrier is also a highly recommended way to keep the heat out of your attic. This method involves applying a recycled tinfoil material to the underside of your plywood to keep heat out of your attic and reduce temperatures. There are several methods to apply a radiant barrier; however, we recommend the spray method because of its ability to coat more evenly and precisely.

Increasing Your Roof & Home’s Efficiency

It’s no secret that the summer months in Florida are hot. When the sun hits your roof for 10+ hours a day, how will your roof and attic stay cool? With these five tips above, we hope you can keep the temperatures in your home cool while keeping your energy costs low.

Whether you’re looking to replace your roof altogether or are exploring how to increase your roof and attic’s efficiency, McFall Residential Roofing can help. Located in Gainesville, Florida, we contribute to improving the energy efficiency in homes throughout the North Central Florida area, including Alachua, Newberry, St. Augustine, Starke, and more. To learn more how we can help improve your home and roof’s efficiency, contact our team today.