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Pool Cages and Your Re-Roof Project

Completing a re-roofing project around a pool cage

To get the most out of Florida’s sunshine, homeowners throughout the state find relief from the summer heat in their backyards with swimming pools. However, some of Florida’s natural elements can make your dips in the pool less relaxing than you might have hoped. This is where pool cages come into play, protecting your pool from unwanted nuisances like leaves and bugs.

What is a Pool Cage?

Pool cages fully enclose a pool in a protective screen. The screen is held in place by a metal frame that can be designed to match your home’s aesthetic and withstand the extreme weather conditions that homes often face in Florida. The benefits of having a pool cage in Florida make the investment a likely choice for most homeowners, providing:

  • UV protection from the sunlight
  • Easier maintenance
  • Additional security
  • Pest and wildlife control
  • Limited algae growth
  • Reduced heating energy costs

As pool cages help homeowners meet safety regulations and increase the resale value of homes, you’re bound to see quite a few in any residential community here in Florida. 

How Your Pool Cage Fits into Re-Roofing

While not all pool cages have to be built directly against the side of a home, most are. This junction requires a careful team to make repairs or replacements to either the enclosure or to the roof of your home to ensure that it is properly maintained. By working around your pool cage and restoring any connections between the two structures once your re-roofing project is complete, McFall Roofing ensures that your pool cage will be protected throughout the roofing process.

Potential Pool Cage Problems

Constructing a pool cage against the side of a home can often lead to fascia and soffit repairs in the future as the buttress often prevents water from properly draining off of the roof. If your roof isn’t able to adequately channel water, this still water collecting on your roof may damage the roofing materials that lie underneath and the support framework. This ponding water often causes mold and mildew growth where it collects, leading to rotted areas of your roofing structure. 

To combat this, many screen enclosures are paired with a Super gutter to help water flow off of the roof. Super gutters are heavy gauge aluminum gutters that are specifically designed to support screen and pool enclosures. While these gutters protect your roof from bearing significant risks of water damage, any point at which water can collect on the roofing structure will be prone to rot. In particular, during re-roofing projects, we often uncover rotted fascia where the pool cage’s Super gutter ties into the roof. 

If your roof has sustained water damage, there is no need to sound an alarm. Our roofing experts will bring in our carpentry crew to provide temporary cage support and replace the damaged roofing components, leaving you with a healthy, sturdy roof ready to protect your home for years to come. 

Trust McFall Roofing for Quality Service

Completing a roofing project while working around home features, like pool cages, can pose challenges. However, McFall Roofing has served North Central Florida for over 20 years, equipping our roofing experts with the skill and expertise necessary to work around any challenges and never need to compromise between efficiency and quality. 

Reach out to our team today or request a free roofing estimate to get started on your project!