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Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof: Which Is Better for Your Home?

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Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof

Spotting signs that your roof is not in great condition is easy — you may notice water spots on your interior walls and ceilings or loose shingles in your yard. Knowing whether your roof can be repaired or should be replaced entirely is a little bit harder. Read on to learn the benefits of repairing vs. replacing your roof and how to know when it may be time to say hello to a brand-new roof. 

When to Repair

Repair is an easy way to restore functionality to your roof while keeping in mind the following factors.


One of the most obvious benefits of repairing aging or damaged roofs is the cost savings, as it is much cheaper to repair parts of your roof rather than the entire thing. In addition, if your roof only shows minor signs of wear or damage and is not near its expiration date, it is less expensive to repair it. 

However, if your roof needs continual repair over the course of a few years, you may spend more trying to keep the same roof than you would to get a new one. 


Repairing your existing roof adds life to it. Your roofing contractor will just repair the parts of your roof that need it. And replacing a few shingles or roofing sections is much easier than replacing, as your roofer will attempt to match your existing shingles rather than you having to worry about choosing a new color or style of material.  

When to Replace

Sometimes, your roof is in such poor shape that it only makes sense to replace it. There are a few factors to consider when thinking about why it may be smarter to get a new roof than to keep your existing one. 


Depending on the material you chose for your roof, it can last around 10-15 years for flat or rolled roofing while typical shingle roofs should last 20-25 years. So, if your roof has been on your home for close to that period, it would make more sense to replace it. This helps you avoid sinking money into a repair and then having to pay for a new roof shortly after. 


If your aesthetic style has changed since you had your roof put on and the roof no longer matches what you have done to update the exterior of your home, you can use this opportunity to get a new roof that better matches how you want your home to look. This may even be choosing a completely different material than you had before.  


Replacing your home’s roof and investing in a new one not only adds to your home’s curb apparel but also increases its resale value. Buyers want to know they will have peace of mind in their potential home’s roof for years to come without having to worry about incurring the damage and headache associated with a deteriorating roof. 

Water Damage

If you notice the aforementioned water damage inside your home through visible water spots or mold, or if your home has just been through a significant storm, replacement is likely your best option. This is particularly true if there may be damage to areas of your roof that you don’t generally see.

McFall Will Help You Decide Which Is Better When It Comes to Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof

When considering whether to repair or replace your roof, rely on experts who can give you knowledgeable, reliable guidance. At McFall Residential Roofing in Gainesville, FL, we will recommend the best course of action for your roof and complete the work with the utmost dedication to quality. Giving you peace of mind through a dependable roof is our passion. Reach out to us today for an estimate or to schedule an inspection and get back to enjoying life without worrying about your roof.