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Four Reasons Why Ventilation Can Make or Break Your Roof’s Efficiency

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You rely on air conditioning and heating all year long to maintain comfort in your home. In the same way, your attic requires balanced heating and cooling no matter the temperature outside. When this balance is achieved, your roof is protected and your home operates smoothly. Roof ventilation is essential to creating a balanced and energy-efficient home.

What is Roof Ventilation?

Roof ventilation is how your attic breathes. Just like how you take in air and exhale, your attic should be able to mimic that process. Only, your attic takes in the hot, humid air and cooler air pushes it back out. Ventilation is the result of either mechanical (power source) or natural (wind) means. Roof venting works in all kinds of climates, even in hot North Central Florida.

Intake and Exhaust

Inhaling and exhaling take on a different meanings when it comes to roof ventilation. Sunlight and the outside temperatures make your attic less than bearable. This hot air builds up after a while. There needs to be an “intake” where cooler air enters your attic through vents and pushes the warm air out. When hot air escapes, we call that “exhaust.” Ridge vents are installed to exhaust the hot air.

Roof Ventilation is Essential

When ventilation occurs, you, your home, and your roof are happy. When there isn’t proper circulation, the static air in your attic could cause problems. Roof venting helps you and your home in a variety of ways listed below.

1. Saves You Money

First off, proper roof ventilation saves you money on a multitude of expenses. You won’t be paying as much on energy bills because your attic won’t be holding hot air that can make its way into your home. Plus, your AC unit won’t have to work nearly as hard. This means fewer repairs or not having to replace your unit earlier than needed.

2. Extends the Life of Your Roof

When you have little to no circulation of air in your attic, your roof suffers. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, the shingles on your roof will essentially cook from the hot air trapped in your attic. They’ll wear out more frequently and require replacing sooner than they should be. With proper roof venting, your shingles and roof are better protected to serve you for their entire lifespan.

3. Promotes More Even Temperatures in Your Home

If your roof doesn’t contain any vents, your attic essentially becomes a storage container for hot air. This hot air will create less-than-ideal temperatures throughout your home. During the summer, you can’t afford to crank up the air conditioning to combat this increase in heat.

With proper ridge vents and roof design, your attic can circulate air efficiently and you can breathe easier knowing your air conditioning is maintained throughout your home.

4. Reduce the Risk of Moisture Related Problems

When air is static in your attic, moisture-related problems threaten your home. Your roof is the first line of protection against rain. When hot humid air is trapped in your attic with no escape, it has a chance to become a permanent resident in your insulation, walls, and structure. This can lead to rot, termites, and other damage. Keep your home protected by ensuring your roof is engineered with proper ventilation.

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Every roof installed with McFall Residential Roofing is expertly constructed and designed to protect you and your home. This includes attention to details like roof venting. We ensure that a proper ventilation system is in place to fight against heat, moisture, and problems later on with your roof.

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