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Guide to Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

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Your roof is designed to protect both your home and your family, and all the components that make up your roof are important to ensure its safety and stability. A specific part of your roof, the underlayment, is crucial in water damage prevention.

What is Synthetic Underlayment?

Before we can dive into what synthetic underlayment is, you’ll need to first understand why underlayment is installed to your roof. Underlayment, in general, is crucial to your roof’s design. Its primary purpose is moisture protection, which is absolutely necessary for any Florida homeowner.

Underlayment is installed beneath your shingles, serving as a watertight layer to protect the roof deck from water damage and moisture. If the roof deck is exposed to the elements, it threatens the entire structure of your roof.

Synthetic vs. Felt Paper

There are a few different materials used for underlayment, but the most popular types are synthetic and felt paper. Felt paper, made from asphalt-saturated felt, has been around for a long time and is still a common form of underlayment.

Synthetic underlayment, made from a fiberglass mixture, is stronger and lighter compared to felt paper underlayment. While it is more expensive than felt paper, synthetic underlayment retains less heat due to its lighter color (felt paper is most commonly black). Synthetic underlayment is so effective that it can even be used as a short term roof cover.

Importance of Underlayment

Underlayment is critical to keeping moisture out of your home, especially during our intense storm seasons. Without a reliable or properly installed underlayment, you will experience a whole host of roofing problems.

If shingles come off during intense weather, the only thing between your roof deck and inclement weather is your underlayment. This extra layer of protection ensures that the structure of your roof is not threatened and reduces the risk of interior water damage.

Installing Roofing Underlayment

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Simply having underlayment is not enough. For it to serve your roof well, underlayment must be installed correctly. Proper underlayment installation occurs before any shingles are added to your roof. At McFall Roofing, we ensure that the roof is completely clear from debris before adding the underlayment. We wouldn’t want debris to puncture the underlayment and threaten the security of your roof!

Synthetic underlayment is installed in two sections. The first section is a water protection layer that goes around the roof’s perimeter for a tight seal. This is also added to areas that receive the most water, like the valleys of your roof. The purpose of this first layer is to correctly channel water for proper drainage so that it doesn’t sit on top of your roof.

The second layer is the tear and water-resistant layer of underlayment that will be installed in the remaining areas of your roof. Another bonus of using synthetic underlayment is that it has great traction, so your roofing contractors are better protected as they work on your roof.

Gainesville Roofing with McFall Residential Roofing

In all kinds of weather, your roof should be engineered to withstand the elements while also keeping you and your family safe. Underlayment is crucial to your roof and helps reduce the risk of water damage. Stay protected with a quality roof that is built to last!

Contact McFall Residential Roofing for all of your roofing needs. From installation to repair, we can do it all!

Four Roof Installation Practices that Ensure a Long-Lasting Roof

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Installing a new roof is an investment almost every homeowner will have to make. Asphalt shingle roofs, the most common roofing option, have a lifespan of 20-25 years. Your roof can live the full extent of its useful life with a combination of routine roof maintenance, biannual roof inspections, and quality roof installation from the very beginning.

Quality Roofs Start with Careful Installation

Just like when you build a house, a strong foundation will serve as a solid base for your home to exist upon. Taking shortcuts or not paying close attention during the initial foundation construction will bring on much larger issues down the road. In the same way, roof installation is the most important part of creating a long-lasting, high-quality roof that will protect you, your family, and your home for years to come.

Four Ways McFall Ensures Proper Roof Installation

We’ve been installing, maintaining, and repairing roofs in North Central Florida for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve stayed committed to a roof installation process that is easy for homeowners, but also crucial for a new roof that is built to last. McFall Roofings installs every roof per manufacturer’s specifications.

High-End On-Ridge Venting

Roofs in Florida have to endure a lot of elements each and every year. From hot, blinding sunshine to heavy rain during storm season, your home will experience a lot. The combination of heat and water creates challenges for your home and your roof. One way we give your roof a fighting chance is by installing high-quality venting systems on your roof’s ridges. Many times, roofs are installed with standard holes drilled into them for air circulation. Our team fills in these holes and then installs proper on-ridge venting for maximum efficiency.

Venting is crucial to the health and well being of your roof. If air can’t circulate, your attic will become like an oven and cook your shingles from underneath. This wears out your roof much quicker than it should and you’ll be forced to repair or replace your roof sooner than anticipated. Plus, a hot attic will wreak havoc on the energy efficiency within your home. We take the extra step to install venting on your ridges to create a steady stream of air circulation for your attic.

Synthetic Underlayment

Before any shingles can be installed, we lay down a high-end synthetic underlayment. The purpose of this layer is to create a water-resistant barrier under the shingles. You want your home to have the added security against the heavy rains we experience in North Central Florida. Additionally, synthetic underlayment is the preferred roof base because its makeup of asphalt and fiberglass creates a tear-resistant and stable base for your roof.

One of our first steps is to completely clean the roof before we add the synthetic underlayment. We wouldn’t want your underlayment to be punctured by debris, such as old nails from a previous roofing project, or dirt that would sit underneath the underlayment. Once installed, this layer seals your roof so your home is protected against rain and moisture.

Peel & Stick Valleys

We’ve already discussed how underlayment creates a barrier underneath your shingles or other roofing materials. There are other areas of your roof that need just as much attention against water damage. Your roof’s valleys are the areas where water will be directed to when it rains. Because this is where the most water will be, your roof needs added protection to prevent leaks.

McFall Roofing uses peel & stick valleys on top of the underlayment as a second layer of protection. These valleys are sealed to the roof deck to create a strong line of defense against heavy rain. We install these around all penetrations, including plumbing.

CertainTeed Shingles and Stainless Steel Nails

Not only do we have the years of experience to handle your roofing project we also have earned CertainTeed Shingle Master Select status, the highest roofing certification a roofing company can have. This means we offer a 25-year warranty on labor and our team has completed a series of specialized training courses and programs.

Because of this status, we offer CertainTeed shingles in for our roofing projects. These are guaranteed for 25 years and can withstand 130 mph winds. During installation, we also offer an upgrade of stainless steel nails to secure your shingles. One of the biggest mistakes a roofing company can make is leaving nails exposed on the roof. This puts your shingles at risk and causes more money spent down the road. We always install a shingle, secure it with stainless steel nails, and then use the next layer of shingles to cover the nails.

Roof Installation with McFall Residential Roofing

We do more than install new roofs. McFall Residential Roofing installs roofs that are engineered to last and protect your home against all kinds of weather we experience in North Central Florida. Contact us today to request a free roofing estimate!

Four Reasons Why Ventilation Can Make or Break Your Roof’s Efficiency

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You rely on air conditioning and heating all year long to maintain comfort in your home. In the same way, your attic requires balanced heating and cooling no matter the temperature outside. When this balance is achieved, your roof is protected and your home operates smoothly. Roof ventilation is essential to creating a balanced and energy-efficient home.


Asphalt Shingle Roofing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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The most common and most affordable option for roofing is asphalt shingle roofs. This reliable and cost-efficient option has been around for a long time. Over time, asphalt shingle roofs have had modifications, so your roof can withstand more of what nature throws your way. Installing an asphalt shingle roof will keep you and your family protected for years to come.


More Than Just Another Roofing Company: the McFall Difference

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Installing or repairing a roof sometimes feels like a necessary evil. But a high-quality roof keeps you and your family protected and ensures that your home is more than just four walls.

That’s why at McFall Roofing we make your experience the best it can be. You deserve the best roof and the best service before, during, and after installation, because it is a necessity.


Five Ways to Increase Your Roof and Attic’s Efficiency

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Residential Roofing—New Roof

Tips & Tricks to Keeping Your Florida Home Cool

Are you tired of paying high costs for your electric bills? Are you tired of Googling, “Ways to cool down my home?” Or, are you just looking to make your home more efficient? Having an energy efficient roof and attic may help solve some of these problems. Not only could you see a decrease in energy costs, but you could also expect your roof to last longer when it’s cooler and efficient. So, how do you keep your home efficient and cool? We recommend five techniques to increase your roof and attic’s efficiency.